Conservation. It's real now.

Increased evidence of global warming is a grim reality all of us will deal with. Increased awareness of how to impact the problem is bringing demand for some options to the marketplace.

From low energy light bulbs to hybrid cars, our choices make a difference to the environment, our organization, and to us personally. By adopting practices such as Recycling and Conservation in the workplace, the differences become tangible - in the bottom line.

It's a commitment. And a way of life.

At Altair, the Paperless Office has been a way of life for 15 years. Altair Messages software eliminates "while you were out" pink slips, we send electronic invoices, and we haven't had a fax machine in 10 years. By implementing Altair's Document Management System we've saved a lot of paper, we require less space, and we're more efficient. So we're saving money.

You can, too. Implementing a "paperless office" can be as straightforward as adopting a few common practices:

  • Print to PDF instead of paper and file electronically

  • Push electrons instead of molecules - utilize email over snail mail, electronic systems for managing workplace communications, and online systems to manage customer orders, vendors, and distributor relations.

  • Document Management - it's important and it's regulated. This is the nucleus of your paperless operations and a slippery slope if you choose the wrong one.

It's better for the environment.

Evidence suggests that CO2 emissions are responsible for global warming.

Apparently, the vote's stacked up against CO2, the culprit in global warming. Using paper products unfortunately contributes to the CO2 emissions problem. And the statistics are staggering showing that the average US office worker generates 2 lbs of paper waste per day.

The obvious contribution is to reduce the use of paper in the office. Paperless office software allows offices to securely file and transfer documents without ever printing the document. Either documents can be stored as a PDF file or keep them in their original format such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

It's efficient. And saves MONEY.

The benefits go beyond saving paper, the money and energy spent on generating paper and the machines to support it. Going Paperless Saves Time, the most valuable resource. Although paper will continue to play a role in the office, paper and electronic document tools work in concert and organizational processes make optimal use of both.

A paperless filing system brings all documents in the system to your fingertips. If a customer needs a copy of a photo or document, you can send it within seconds. Electronic invoices save paper, postage, and time. And, with a little planning you can have a system which provides you with an audit trail as well as satisfy regulatory requirements for retention periods and more. That's especially useful if you're impacted by HIPAA.

What's holding you back?

Every office can make changes to protect our planet while saving time and money. Implement your paperless office software and discover other ways to make a difference.

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