Altair Commerce Engine Specifications

The Altair Commerce Engine (ACE) is designed to let your employees manage your website. From online brochures to online sales and support, ACE is the best solution for your website, online store, and more.

ACE Overview
ACE is a web-based application that lets you build and manage robust, interactive websites for conducting business with customers and vendors. Easy to use web forms let you quickly add or change content. No special training or software is required.

As your visitor navigates through your website ACE automatically generates the pages based on the presentation choice you have made for the product or service. Changes to your products or services are made from easy-to-use forms and your changes are automatically translated into new website pages.
Store Manager
The ACE Store Manager provides you and your staff secure access to the various areas of your website. Acess to areas may be mnaged by departments. The Store Manager also provides access to a variety of optional ACE modules including:
Article Manager provides support for the creation, publication, archiving and retrieving articles from an article database.
Events Calendar provides you an easy process for showing events that are scheduled in the future. When your visitor selects the Calendar Page the computer will automatically display all of the events that begin from the current date forward. If you wish the display of future events may be restricted to any number of days that you specify.
Mail Manager provides the ability to conduct Email Marketing Campaigns to people in the website database. This function may be used to send announcements or newsletters to selected individuals as well. Adding new e-mails is supported by a Visitor Registration page that asks visitor for name, address and a variable number of visitor profile questions that you can define. ACE also provides a quick opt-in form that will subscribe (or unsubscribe) a visitor to e-mail announcements/newsletter by simply entering their e-mail address. The Mail Manager Subsystem allows you to easily create newsletters which may then be sent to people with attributes that you specify. The body of the newsletter may be constructed using HTML to create attractive formats with links to your website.
Member Management allows you to create members for your website and provide access to website content based on member level. Web-based forms are used to define the various membership packages and their prices.
Job Openings allows you to post job openings and manage applications from your website. The module includes automated e-mail notifications to applicant and HR department as the application is being processed.
Visitor Survey Lets you create and post surveys on your website and automatcally track results of each survey.

On-line Sales
ACE supports online sales to both consumers (B2C) and customers with accounts (B2B). ACE provides unrivaled flexibility for managing and presenting your Products/Services from your website. Standard features include:

  • Up to 10,000 Store Departments
  • Up to 10,000 Product Lines per Department
  • Product Line can have any number of Items for sale
  • Each Item can have any number of options/styles (e.g. size, color, etc.)

Users of the optional e-Commerce module are able to manage flexible price and shipping models. Pricing is date range specific, variable based on units or dollars, adjustable by discount groups as well as customer-specific pricing. Similar flexibility exists for shipping fees.
Order Processing
The ACE Shopping Cart makes it easy for a visitor to buy your products online in a secure transaction environment. For customers that select the ACE e-Commerce functions Altair automatically implements the Visitor Login and Registration pages so that orders from existing customers are expedited. A key aspect of ACE e-Commerce is the ability to quickly go to the product/service required. Ease-of-use is key to a successful e-Commerce site. ACE provides the ability to track orders that originated on another website. This feature allows you to offer other website operators a commission for referring their visitors to your website. The associated report allows you to see, by referring website, the orders that were created as a result of another website referring a buyer to your website.
Order Payment Processing
Once the customer has completed creating an order he/she moves to the Check Out Page. At this page the buyer is presented with a complete Order Confirmation page. When the buyer approves the information on the Order Confirmation page he or she is redirected to Altairs secure credit card processing server where the buyer enters credit card information. If the buyers card is approved our Merchant Bank partner begins the process of transferring payment to your bank. ACE recognizes Customer with accounts and will create and e-mail an invoice for these customers once the order has been shipped. The optional Accounts Receivable System will manage payments and provide summary text files sutable for import by your accounting application or to the optional Altair General Ledger System.
ACE provides all customers the ability to view order status and order history.

Business to Business Sales
ACE has the ability to sell to consumers and/or businesses. The Business-to-Business (B2B) subsystem is an add-on to the standard Business to Consumer subsystem. When ACE detects a B2B customer it automatically implements existing sales terms (e.g. COD, Net 30 days, etc.) for the transaction.
Managing Orders
The ACE Order Management System provides a comprehensive set of modules for managing your orders and inventory including:

  • Picking Ticket (the actual order) generation - This function creates an Adobe PDF document which details the order information.
  • Order Status maintenance This function lets you track and update the status of each order by using a drop down menu
  • Shipping Document generation which serves as both packing slip and shipping label
  • Customer Order Lookup a search field for all orders (pending, existing, previous, etc) which searches the database against all orders in the order history
  • Order Status Report (which is optionally available to your customers if you wish) lists orders and their current status
  • Inventory Manager this report shows you status of all items sold on your website by department area
  • Accounting Reports to facilitate interface to your accounting application this is a screen report that shows sales by date range and details

B2B customers are able to log in and access the following functions:

  • Maintain list of locations authorized to place orders
  • Identify who can place orders
  • Implement order rules by location (e.g. maximum order size and maximum order amount per month)
  • Ability to approve or disapprove orders that exceed location budget
  • Reports detailing purchases by location or product

The Client functions allow your client to manage who can place orders and in what amounts.

Content Management System
Save time and money. Make changes to your website yourself, when you need them. The ACE Content Management System is easy to use. Upload graphics, change text and more without any special tools nor software from anywhere, anytime.

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