Website Design & Development

Altair Technology builds custom website platforms that propel your business goals and position you above your competition. Our digital creative wins awards but the true reward is our client's success, a direct result of collaboration.

Website content

A website's greatest strength is to present language compelling enough to get a click and a new sale. Altair will wordsmith your copy to persuasive perfection, or generate your copy from a blank canvas, at affordable rates.


In an increasingly complex internet, transparency puts you in the driver's seat. You will see your website developing online via private link from day 1. Scheduled updates and open communications provide peace of mind while regular reports keep you informed. Some websites only require 3 weeks to complete; complex websites normally take 45 days.

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Your customers can buy your products or services from your website in a straightforward, secure process. The robust back end of your website platform will allow you to manage your orders, your inventory, sales records, order delivery and more.

SSL Certificates

Need security on your site? Financial and other transactions require SSL encryption. Altair works with you to select and the SSL to suit from a variety of options.

Placement & SEO

Effective SEO is strength training for your website that drives prospects to your website but the conversion rate is key. Do you have substandard conversion rates? We will put your site through an analysis, provide you with a report, and make recommendations for a successful online strategy.

Domain Names

Need a domain name? We will identify, register, and manage your domain name(s) with a reputable registrar. Or, we can show you how easy it is to do it yourself. Already have a domain name? We can manage all of your domain names or show you how to manage them on your own.


Marketing Planning

Digital and conventional marketing options provide a lot of choices. Planning is the first step to success. Considerations include:

Social Media

Communication vehicles for your news, events, and promotionals in a manageble strategy which gets results. Depending on your business, social media planning, Facebook business strategies, and creative campaigns can be extremely effective in putting you in front of your customer or prospects.


Impressions count. Reinventing yourself to stand out from your competition is a process which begins with your brand, a perception of your business. Many times rebranding is timed to introduce a new product or service. Give your business a new face, an updated logo and a fresh view of its identity.

Print Design

Your website and your print collaterals are the left and right sides of your marketing success. Drive your branding into your target market. Altair's innovative creative helps increase your footprint and distribute your message in your business card, letterhead, brochures, push cards, signage, trade show graphics, and more.

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Mobile Platforms

Having a mobile website is no longer an option, it's your customer's expectation. Mobile versions are built around condensed information and fast download times. Your mobile site is a simplified version of your regular website which supports your customer's experience.
The Google advantage: Google maintains a separate index for mobile sites so you have a distinct window or opportunity to RANK HIGHER on your mobile version. Until your competition catches up with you.
Whether you want to model your mobile site after your regular website, or adopt a new approach, Altair has an option to suit.

Custom Mobile Solutions

Custom mobile solutions on a variety of platforms spanning industries from health to retail. Typical applications include web-based services.

Hosting & Dedicated Servers

Depending on your requirements, Altair provides options for managed hosting as well as dedicated servers with daily backup.

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At Altair we will build you technology solutions that meet your business and sales objectives. With over 30 years' experience designing websites and technology solutions that create new customers, we know how to build your web application right the first time.


Digital and conventional marketing options provide a lot of choices. Planning is step 1 in the process of choosing. Your strategy will be customized to your increased market share. Altair's experience on digital and conventional platforms is in your corner.

Your website is your 24/7 marketing muscle. A comprehensive approach to digital and print campaigns, with strategic online marketing, deliver your brand and drive new visitors to your website.

Internet Strategies

At Altair you will work with specialists to deploy your innovative internet solutions which will improve the quality of your business processes, reduce costs and increase sales. We begin by assessing your current technology infrastructure, utilization of existing technology and the effectiveness with which your organization utilizes technology. Our recommendations take into account: cost, staff and risk. We believe that Internet solutions should increase revenue, reduce costs and improve quality control.

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