Small/Mid Size Business

Small/Mid Size Business

Level the playing field! The benefits of technology and the Internet have largely been derived by large corporations with full-time staffs that can design, develop, deploy and maintain these sophisticated and complex systems. Altair's mission is to establish partnership relationships with small and mid-size business that provide our customers reliable access to this technology at affordable costs.

Small Office/Home Office (SOHO)

It can be really tough for a Small Business to keep up. Small businesses are increasingly challenged by the impact of technology on their markets and customers. The way their customers expect to find and order products and services has clearly changed for the small business.

Conventional wisdom dictates only a few ways to increase market share. If you aren't doing it, chances are your competition is. Altair can provide your small business with a BizWeb Internet Solution that includes:

  • Home Page
  • About Us page (Mission Statement, vision, history. etc)
  • Contact Us page with interactive e-mail form, contact info and map
  • Up to 5 product/service pages
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • e-mail accounts accessible from anywhere
  • Hosting & Domain Name Services

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Small/Mid-Size Enterprises

Altair works in the role of Coach with exisiting staff of smaller firms to provide the needed experience and expertise associated with researching, designing and building technology applications that take advantage of the newest, proven, technologies.

Design and Development Services
Altair works in the role of Internet Partner to provides design and development services to firms when in-house staff is too busy helping run the business or lacks specific expertise.

As today's servers and databases have become increasingly powerful they have also become very complex to manage. Altair provides outsource support for your servers and databases.

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